Trike Tour of Grat Britain  Cross canada Trike Trip 2005  Cross Canada Trike Trip 2005
Shipped trike to Calgary- started trike trip in Calgary --> Banff---> Whistler---> Vancouver and Bsck to Apsley in 6 days
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Europe Trike Trip 2006
First Trike trip to Europe-- trike went on same plane as extra luggage!! Arrived in Frankford--to Prien Germany to friend Zimmermans--to Austria -my favorite town St Johann--to Italy --> Vienna visited Shaffers--CAMERA DIED!!! t-->Czeck -->Northern Germany-visited Gommille Family--to Baltic Sea-back to Frankford
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Europe Trike Trip 2007
3 weeks this time Sept 19 tom Oct 9 Started in Munich and left from Frankford--Munich to my friends in Prien Germany -the Zimmermanns-- to Austri -->Slovania--> Croatia--> Bosnia->Dubrovnik-- Montenegro- back to Austria -into Hungary--back to Prien Germany--Italy--Switzerland--France--Germany-Denmark and the to Frankford va Rhine region
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Europe Trike Trip 2008
Started in Lisban Portugal --> Spain--France--Andora--Italy--Switzerland--Austria - Germany

Great Britain Trike tour 2009 
- starting In Apsley trailered trike to Toronto air cargo depot - trike was loaded on same plane I took to Dublin Sept 2009 -- toured Ireland- Crossed by ferry to Scotland - up to North Scotland and then to Whales and England - dropped off Trike at Gatwich and spenday touring London -- lucked out with no rain!
Stayed in amazing B&B and small hotels - great value in small towns- for link to slide show click here ( slide Show)

Europe Corvette Tour May 2018
Was able to participate in tour of Germany Austria Italy and Switzerland with Corvette folks from Naples Fl Corvette Club --well oganized my Mandy  Feicht.  Palm Island Car Tours
see link for pics