Jack Lake is blessed with a feature which no other lake in Ontario enjoys-this lake is surrounded by a 57 square mile no hunting area known as the Peterborough Crown Game Preserve most of which is crown land providing a free backyard to the cottage properties. As the hunting season approaches each year the cottagers can take comfort in not being exposed to having hunters at the end of their laneways shooting tame deer.
In the mid 80's Anglers and Hunters Association schemed with MNR to justify a hunt in the preserve to reduce the deer population by providing hunting opportunities to hunters who MNR consider their client base. The Jack Lake Cottage Association mobilized and were succesful in stopping future hunting in the preserve. I am proud to have been able to lead this campaign and certainly could not have achieved the success we had without the valuable support of members such as Davd Lean and Jim Ferguson. The following will provided some background materials.

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