North Kawartha - Lake Planning--- New Zoning Bylaw-

North Kawartha Council has been for several years in process of updating their zoning btlay which alos including the first consolidated version for North Kawartha eliminating the previous Burtleigh Anstruther and Chandos Township bylaws. On Mar 5 2013 Counicl passed the new zoning byla which I apealled to the OMB which lead to a series of mediation meeting in summer of 2013. In October 2013 minutes of settlement were sighed by myself and Mayor Whelan providing significant improvements which satisfied most of my apeal items. ( click for minutes of settlement )


Some of the maps/schedules  for the zoning bylaw are below
Chandos East Area  A12         (  click to open )
Chandos West Area A11         ( click to open )
Jack Lake area A5                    ( click to open )

Eels Lake Area       A10         ( click to open )
Anstruther Wolf Loon Call A7 ( click to open )
Apsley   A 8                              ( click to Open )

During the development of the zoning Bylaw Council invited input from from ratepayers and I am providing a copy of submissions I made directly to Council or through Committee of Council
Submission #1 Dated Nov 21 2008         General Items click for submission click for septic setback

Submission #2   Dated Jan 22 2009        DEFINITIONS click for submission

Submission #3   Dated Jan 22 2009        Zone Schedules click for submission

Submission #4  Dated Jan 22 2009        30 meter setback Update click for submission

Submission #5   Dated  Jan 22 2009         Lake Classifications click for submissioin

Submission #6    Dated Jan 22 2009            Zone Categories (click for submission)

Submission #7     Dated Feb 19 2009      Lot of Record click for submission

Submission #8     Dated Feb 19 2009    Existing Undersized Lot click for submission    click updated submission

Submission #9  Dated Feb 19 2009        30 Meter Setback  Effecrtive Date click for submission

Submission #10 Dated Feb 19 2009     Standard for Alternative Energy Standards click for submission

Submission #11 Dated Mar 2009 16       Efficient Use of Hamlet Lands click for submission

Submission #12 Dated Sept 12 2011    Zoning of Lake Beds click for submission

Submission #13 Dated Oct 26 2011  Watefront Lot Sizes click for submission

Submission #14 Dated Nov 9 2011   Seasonal vs Permanent Residential  click for submission

Submission #15 Dated Nov 9 2011   Scope of Zoning Bylaw                      click for submission

Submission #16 Dated Nov 9 2012     Attached Blds Detached Bldg Accessory Bldgs  click for submission

Submission #17  Dated  Nov 18 2012    Bylaw Introduction and Definitions      (Click for submission)           

Submission # 18 Dated Nov 11 2012  30 meter set back update ( click for submission)

Submission # 19 Dated Nov 12 2012   General Provisions  ( click for submissions)

Submission # 20 Dated Nov 18 2012 Zone Provisions ( click for submission)

Presentation to Council by Planner Stephen Fahner ( click for presentation)

Zoning Bylaw Review by Panner Stephen Fahner for Ambrose Moran submitted to Council Nov 20th ( Click for review)

Submision #21 Zoning Lake Beds-Jurisdiction ( click for submission)

Submission #22 Dated Feb 22 2013  On Land Boat Houses -Jack Lake ( click for submission)

Submission #23 Dated Feb 2013 Increase Lot frontage for new waterfront lots ( click for submission)

Submission #24 Dated Feb 2013 Permitting Permanent Residency on Lakes ( click for submission)

Submission #25 Dated 28 Feb 2013  Miscellaneous Items   ( click for submission)

On April 4th 2013 Ambrose Moran submitted the following appeal to the new zoning bylaw.( click for appeal)

2013 May 18 Letter To North Kawatha Council re Jurisdictional Issue ( click for Letter) No reply received

2013 May 8 Slides of Presentation By Lawyer Harold Elston  re: SHORELINE STRUCTURE JURISDICTION IN ONTARIO (CLICK TO OPEN )

2014 May 18 Letter to North Kawartha Council re Jurisdiction Issues (click for letter) No reply received



Stoney Lake Wetland 1995
Case Summary
Notice of Appeal by Ambrose moran
OMB opening remarks   by appellant Ambrose Moran
OMB Final arguments     by Appellant Ambrose Moran
OMB Decision
Letter to County Clerk -summary
Thank you letter to Environment Canada
Thank you letter to Municipal Affairs

Comprehensive zoning Bylaw Burleigh Anstruther Township 1996
A little background
Copy of OMB appeal and decision  ( click here