SHORE ROAD ALLOWANCES -In certain Parts of Ontario a 66 ft shore road allowance was estabished around lakes when the original survey was done in the mid 1800's-- more   recently many municipalities have been selling the road allowance to abutting landowners -- In 1996 I wrote a research paper on this subject while at  Trent University most of which is still applicable
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North Kawartha Township sells shore road allowances and the township  has a bylaw covering this and a policy ( Click here for Bylaw)  and ( Click here for the Policy)
I do NOT AGREE with the townhsip policy regarding how the lot line projections are handled --(click here to see my letter dated Dcc 2 2010) and (Click here for my  submission to Council Dated Sept 2011)  When the shore road allaownces were first being allowed to be sold by the Province of Ontario, a guidline was provided to townships as to how to handle lot projections (click here to see diagram)