May 19 2019

Toronto Star Article
Today the Toronto Star has extensive article about unregulated in water development in North Kawartha and Havelock Belmont Methuen Twps within Peterborough County--which has resulted in a legal challenge since different levels of governmnet have been stonewalling ratepayers as to who is responsible for protecting our lakes. ( click here for the article by Barbara Turnbull)

The Province of Ontario has pressured municipalities in Peterborough County to require new cottages to be set back 100 ft from lakes but allows in water boathouses to be built out into lakes - the foundation of which are supported on the the bottom on lakes owned by the Province of Ontario without a permit under the Ontario Building Code Act-- and Ministry of Municipal Affairs refuses to answer the question as to whether  a building permit is required for min water development on Jack Lake....looks like it will take a court action to get the Ministry to answer the question!!

MNR needs to scrap or review their Free Use Policy which in my opinion allows a 36000 sq ft in water boathouse without any approval of the province which owns the land..looks like the only restriction one has is the amount of money available!!!

Toronto Star contacted every municipality in Muskoka, Haliburton and Peterborough County and reported toady that only in North Kawartha and Havelock Belmont Methuen Townships, in water boathouses can be built WITHOUT PERMITS !!!!!! (see part of article)

Regulatory gridlock and  lack of political leadership compounded by some questionable legal advise to townships has exposed our lakes to development risk in the Apsley area. ( we do not want our lakes to look like this)_