Spring 2012

A legal claim has now been filed related to issue of JURISDICTIONS affecting in water development-- no longer can Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing avoid clarifying  the issue which I have been trying to get answered since April 2011.

The following is a copy of the submitted claim   

May 15 2012  ( click for BOATHOUSE LEGAL CLAIM )  Dated Mar 15 2012


 June 13 2012     (click for North Kawartha Statement of Defence)

June 13 2013     ( click for Province on Ontario Statement of Defence)  Dated June 13 2013

Sept 27 2014   Glaspell filed in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice  ( click for Moving Party FACTUM ) for patial; judgement

Sept 27 2014 Reply Factum by Barry Glapell  ( click for reply factum)

Dec 16 2014 Suplementary Motion By Glaspell DEc 16 2014 for hearing Dec 19th--notations and highlighting by Ambrrose Moran ( Click to open)

June 18 2015  Ontario Court of Justice -Reasons for Decision ( Click for Part #1)    (Click for Part #2)
Judge Perell rules that Township in fact does have " jurisdiction" and Big Cedar Boathouse is regulated by zoning bylaw and Ontario Building Code and Public Lands Act

  Jan 2016 Ministry of Natutral Resourcs and Fortestry  Updatd wdb site re work permits to reflect Court Decision

http://www.ontario.ca/page/crown-land-work-permits ( click here for web page)