OMB APPEAL by Ambrose Moran to Comprehensive zoning bylaw

On April 4th 2013 Ambrose Moran submitted the following appeal to the new zoning bylaw.( click for appeal)

2013 May 18 Letter To North Kawatha Council re Jurisdictional Issue ( click for Letter

2013 May 8 Slides of Presentation By Lawyer Harold Elston  re: SHORELINE STRUCTURE JURISDICTION IN ONTARIO (CLICK TO OPEN)

2014 May 18 ( anniversary of previous letter) Lettter to North Kawartha Council re jurisdictional Issue ( Click for letter)

Oct 27 2016  Letter to twp solicitor John Ewart ( Click for letter)

Nov 21 2016  minutes related to Closes session Council meeting with Twp solicitor ( Click for minutes)

Dec 5 2016   Letter to NK Council asking what direction  they gace to their solicitor ( Click for Letter)

Dec 6 2016 Leter from Twp Solicitor adjourning OMB prehearing Conference ( Click for letter)