The following is exchange of correspondence related to my concerns about logging along the Road known as Jack Lake Road between Marinas and Fire Route 52 in North Kawartha 

2016-06 23   Letter to North Kawartha from Ambose ( click here
2016 07 05 CAO  Report to Council ( Click Here
2018-Oct 16 Letter to MNR ( click here)  
then see pdf below


Oct 18 2016  Presentation to North Kawartha Council 
Speaking Note by Ambrose ( click to open)
2016-Nov 15  CAO report to Council with comments ( click to open
2017 Nov 7 Letter to MNR with 4 questions (click to open) I inserted in yellow the answers received Jan 18

2017 Jan 18 response letter from MNR to My Nov 7th letter ( click to open
2017 Jan 18   Letter to North Kawartha Council ( click to open
2017 Feb   North Kawartha Council Motion ( click to open
2022-March-05   JLA webinar with Mayors   The following question was directed to Noth Kawartha Mayor Carolyne Amyotte

At the webinar Mayor Amyotte advised the report never came back to Council  --  I will follow up with Council to request that a report be provided by staff to current Council and be made public.

2022 03 16  Letter to NK Council requesting information that was to be provided to Council by staff per Motion 16-67 ( click here)  
2022 04 05 Letter of March 16 2022 was discused at length at Council meeting today .... CAO gave lenghthy report to Council .I will review carfully the meeting video when posted and provide an update when satisfied that I have the correct wording.  

The Following relates   to logging near McCoy Road 

Logging McCoy Road Winter 2018/19  when I got back from Florida in Spring went and observed operation and was satisfied with findings and so advised Manager of MNRF in Bancroft  click pdf below

Logging McCoy Road Winter 2019/20  When I got back from Florida in the Spring 2020 ...I went to and observed operation and was very dissappointed that  tree harvesting is certain locations was up to edge of road despite previous assurances that a protected buffer was to be provided between roads and harvest accordance with an exressed agreement with McCoy Road Association to proved for a 20 meter buffer-click pdf below

Click these 2 links for pics showing violation of agrement to provide for protected buffer along roads 



Letter to MNRF Regional Manager in Peterborough Aug 3 2021
click pdf below