Since the mid 1800's winter users of Jack Lake have crossed from Robbins Bay  (North Basin)  to Sharpes Bay (South Basin) to bypass the dangerous thin ice conditions in the Narrows. This established safety route has been used in the early days by loggers and in more recent years by winter recreational snowmobilers and ice fisherman to avoid the dangerous Narrows. In November 2021 a private landowner block off  the established winter trail on his property which resulted in winter lake users now having to utilized the  dangerous NARROWS which has the real risk of another tragety. A real need exists to establish a safe winter cut off route but immediately there is real need to have installed warning signs approaching the Narrows from both directions.
The following commincation are intended to get GOVERNMENT to install warning signs.

Jan 27 2022   Letter to Havelock Belmont Methuen (HBM)  requesting safety signs  ( Click Here) At the Feb 1st HBM Council meeting, It was stated that Council  liked to work through cottage associations, basically not wanting to deal with me. A motion was made to send my letter to the Jack Lake Association (JLA) . Prior to the Council motion being voted on.... our JLA President Alex addressed HBM Council stating JLA  were aware of this issue ...had discussed it twice with JLA Board..had issued safety communication to JLA members ..were in favour of warning signage ...but did not accept responsibility to install warning signs and that this was the responsibilty of either the Township or  the Province. Despite this explanation, HBM Council unanimously voted to pass the motion to send my letter to JLA. 

Feb 1 2022   Follow up letter to Havelock Belmont Methuen (click  here) On Feb 5. I was advised by HBM clerk that my letter wil be on Council agenda for the next meeting 

Feb 1 2022  Letter to MNRF Acting Manager in Bancroft (Click Here) On Feb 2 MNR Bancroft Manager  ackmnowledged my letter and that she had asked her team to respond to my question . response received Feb 9
Feb 9 2022  Just received response from MNRF Acting Manager in Bancroft (click here) I bring a life threatening safety concern to government's attention .. ask if MNRF wouild have any responsibilty to install signs under the circumstances? .. ..and if not which Ministry  would be responsible? ...neither question was answered !!!...and then get told if I want to install signage they will sell me a permit to do so!!   if it was not so very serious it would  be funny!!

Feb 1 2022    E Mail to MPP David Smith ( Click Here) As of Feb 19 no acknowledgement or response 

Feb 19 2022  Winter cut off realigned route opened at noon today
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