I have made the  following submissions ACTING INDEPENDENTLY AND NOT REPRESENTING ANY PERSONS OR GROUPS   related to the  County of Peterborough Official Plan

Submission #1  30 meter-100 ft water setback ( click here
Submission #1B     30 meter set back creation of new lots ( click here

Submission #2   Private Roads  ( Click Here

Submission #2  Apsley Boundaries ( ClickHere)_ 

Submission #3 Fish Habitat ( click here
Submission #4   Cottage Conversions ( click Here) 

Submission #5    Mapping Wetlands-- PSW ( click here

Submission# 6     Road Classifications ( click here

Submission #7  Mapping Jack Lake Road ( click here)

Submission #8  Jack Lake Sharpes Bay ( Boundary) ( click here

Submission  #9  Boundaries of "at capacity" for Chandos Gilmour Bay and Eels Lake ( click here