I have made the  following submissions ACTING INDEPENDENTLY AND NOT REPRESENTING ANY PERSONS OR GROUPS   related to the  County of Peterborough Official Plan

Submission #1  30 meter-100 ft water setback ( click here
Submission #1B     30 meter set back creation of new lots ( click here

Submission #2   Private Roads  ( Click Here

Submission #2  Apsley Boundaries ( ClickHere)_ 

Submission #3 Fish Habitat ( click here
Submission #4   Cottage Conversions ( click Here) 

Submission #5    Mapping Wetlands-- PSW ( click here

Submission# 6     Road Classifications ( click here

Submission #7  Mapping Jack Lake Road ( click here)

Submission #8  Jack Lake Sharpes Bay ( Boundary) ( click here

Submission  #9  Boundaries of "at capacity" for Chandos Gilmour Bay and Eels Lake ( click here

County Council adopted thed new Petrerborough County Official Plan June 26 2023 and sent it the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing ( Clark) for approval.
Nothinhg happened that i am aware of til June 2023 when MMAH posted the adopted Op on the Environmental Registry for 60 day commenting period expiring at 11:59 Oct 20.   I became aware of the posting ( well kept secret)  about mid Aug as i do not monitor the Registry system... and do not know of anyone who does--   I was able ...prier to end of comenting period submit 1o submissions ..mamy updated versions of submission made to teh County ..  all listed  below for transparency ..and would be pleased to chat with anyone about my views

#1    Submission to Province        100 ft water setback ( CLICK HERE
#1B  Submission to Province       100 ft water set back for creation of new lots (CLICK HERE)
#2   Submission to Province         Apsley Hamlet Boundary (CLICK HERE
#3    Submission to Province        Fish Habitat ( CLICK HERE
#4   Submission to Province         Cottage Conversions (
#'s 5 6 & 7 not used
#8  Submission to Province         Sharpes Bay Boundary (
#9    Submission to Province       Boundar Gilmor Bay and eels Lake at capacity (
#10 Submission to Province       Fire Hazard area   (
#11 Submission to Province         Excess Fill (
#12 Submission to Province         Mapping Quality (CLICK HERE