Album Of Damage Photos on Jack Lake (updated as new photos received)

Jack Lake divided by 2 Munnicipal  Jurisdictions
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2022 06 23 
Request to North Kawartha Mayor  for brush Depots (click here
Despite asking for acknowledgement and quick response   Nothing back from Mayor Amyotte
2022 06 10 Request to Havelock Belmont Methuen Mayor for brush depot ( click here)
2022 06 10 Emai response from Mayor Jim Martin ( click here
2022 06 08  Email to MNRF District Manger in Bancroft (Click here)
2022 06  09  Response  from MNRF  Bancroft District Manager ( click here
2022 06 24     16 days later response form MNR Bancroft( click here

2022 06 24 Facebook Post By Mayor Amyotte sugesting County Brush drop offs ( click here

2022 06 11 --E mail to about 500  Jack Lakers ( click here

Havelock Belmont Methuen 
2022 06 13 E mail to Havelock Belmont Methuen Mayor Jim Martin ( click here

2022 06 13   E mail to MPP Dave Smith ( Click here)
2022 06 14        email response from Office of MPP David Smith  ( click here

What is Role of County of Peterborough
2022 06 14  e mai response from Peterborough County Staff  ( click here

What is City of Peterborough Doing
(Click here) Municipal Council alocated resources to pick up brush at cuirbsides and remove green storm from PRIVATE PROPERTIES
2022 07 04 CAO Windstorm update report ( click here)
How Ford Goverment Help Ottawa in 2018

( click here) Province provided funding to remove debris from private residences
Ottawa Gets Help From Doug Ford May 2022
( click here)  Premier just before election promised to "completely foot bill for Ottawa storm Clean up"  and sent to Ottawa 40 Firefighters from MNR to help withb the clean up-This "may" be encouraging for Jack Lake
2022 06 09 Ottawa Council request Provincial Disaster Recovery Assistance ( click here

2022 06 14  Face Book Post By Patricia Phillips 
( click here

2022 06 14  e amail to North Kawartha Twp requesting information ( click here)
2022 06 16  e mail response from North Kawartha ( with notations) that requested information is not available ( click here

2022 06 17  North Kawartha Media Release ( partial) with comment ( click here) State of Emergency declared over--

Disaster Recovery Assistance for Ontarians (DROA)
2022 06 17
  E mail to Distaster Assistance Ontario ( click Here
2022 06 22   E mail response from Disaster Assistance Ontario ( highlighted and with comments )( CLICK HERE
June 2022 Uxbridge ( click here) for details on asssistance program which I sense does not cover trees-  requires an insurance claim and does not cover cottages unless permanent residence!!!!
2022 06 19  E Mail to Teepa Khawja Assistant Deputy Minister Chief Emergency Management Ministry of the Solicitor General ( click here)                2022 06 22 E Mail Response  from Teepa Khawja Assistant Deputy Minister   (Highlighted and with comments ( CLICK HERE
2022 06 26 Letter to re-appointed Minister of Municipal Affiars regarding Disaster Asistance for Ontarians ( click here)
                    Update  No acknowledgement or response received from Minister Clark
2022 07 07  Letter to Havelock Belmont  Methuen requesting Council to request Province to activate Disaster Recovery Assistance ( click here
                     2022 07 12 HBM council passed motion to just receive my letter and not to request provincial assiatance for Jack Lakers !!!
2022 07 07  Letter to North Kawartha  requesting Council to request Province to activate Disaster Recovery Assistance (  click here
               2022 07 15 receved letter from NK CAO that Mayors not permitting my letter to be on Council agenda (
click here
 2022 07 21 E mail to NK CAO requesting submission to Municipal Affairs re Municipal   Response and Recovery Cost (click here)
2022-08-13  Letter To Minister of Municipla Affairs and Houising (
click here

Bell Canada
2022 06 19   e mail to President of Bell Canada ( click here
2022 06 20   Bell President acknowledge my e mail and arrange that Bell Resolutions contact me which they did and are investingation situation on Jack Lake -initial statement was that issue widespread and on Jack Lake a cable replacement/repair is a safety issue requiring Hydro One to cut off power to provide for repair...

Peterborough Examiner
2022 07 16    Article re Jack Lake Cottagers concerns about lack of municipal  support ( click Here
2022 07 18    Article re North Kawartha State of Emergency ( click here)    as appeared in Paper--->  ( Page #1) ( Page #2)
                      FB COMMENT July 18 ( Click here
2022 07 25    Article related to North Kawartha waiting for provincial funding ( click here

Cottage Life
2022 08 04 
 Article with comments by Ambrose ( click here