On Monday Labour Day Sept 5 2022  it come to my attention that North Kawartha Economic Development Officer Chris Challenger was recomending that Council the next day pass a bylaw authorizing Mayor Amyotte and Clerk to enter into a site agreement with Rogers Communications for construction and operation of a telecommunications tower close to Jack Lake on Township property immediatel adjacent to several cottages. 

2022 08 29 Report to Council from Economic Development Officer ( click here

Location of the  Proposed Cell Tower ( click here)  ( another click here) 

2022 09 05 Letter to NK Council expressing concern  ( Click here

2022 09 06 E mail to NK Clerk requesting info ( click here

2022 09 08  Vote results on Tower location at Council Meeting Sept 7 2022 ( click here) The motion approved  by Council is a victory for Jack Lakers  who at the last minute ( Labour Day Monday)  became aware of the staff  report and recommendation going  to Council the next day to pass a bylaw authorizing Mayor  Amyotte to execute a site plan agreement with Rogers for construction and operation of a cell tower at an unacceptable location immediately adjacent to several private waterfront property owners. The actual motion passed ( 3-2) basically does nothing by providing an "approval in principal subject to consultation" with a 3rd party organization. This is a great relief... as of now ..no commitement was made by Council to lease the Township property to Rogers ...opening up the opportunity to find a more suitable site while still supporting the need for enhanced cell service which is needed. 

2022 09 08   E mail to Roger's  Representative requesting meeting ( click here)  

2022 09 09   Breaking News    another potential far more acceptable site has been suggested by a private property owner and I am hopeful and I am optimistic that potentially an acceptable site selection resolution is possible which should be satisfactory to all.. Other sites may also be proposed but I am not aware of any. Regardless of what site Rogers eventually supports, the site selection process has mandated consultation protocol intended to engage affected property owners and agencies in attempt to resolve identified issues prior to final approval.   

2022 09 14 e mail to NK Council ( click here) 
2022 09 18  e mail to Rogers asking for contact person ( click here)

2022 09 18 e mail to ERON ( click here

2022 09 20 Updated recomendation staff report to NK Council ( click here

Current Summary/Status  at Sept 6 North Kawartha  council meeting ...a Staff recomendation was made for Council to pass a bylaw to authorize Mayor Amyotte and clerk to execute a lease agreement for Rogers to construct and operate a cell tower on a very small muncipal property very close to Sharpes Bay of Jack lake and immediately adjacent to several cottages. Last minute objections were sumbitted  by Jack Lakers and approval  given by Council to execute a lease with Rogers and Council approved in a 3-2 vote  the municipal site in primciple ( whatever that means) subject to consultation.
Further letters of objection we submitted for Council consideration but Mayor Amyotte would not allow them on the Sept 20 agenda. 

Subsequestnly a private land owner made a generous offer to Council which could not be ignored  to consider hosting the tower on very large adjacent area land holding which could accomoadate a cell tower site  further from lake and cottages. At NK Council meeting Sept 20 Council discussed private land proposal including an update staff report and it was decided that the original cell tower proposal on Municipal land be paused while discussion proceeded with Rogers/or their agent Spectra Point  and the private land owner. Stay tuned I am comfortable an acceptable site can be agreed on and imporoved cell service can be accomplished. 

I understand another tower is proposed in the north  part of Jack Lake - poossibly Callahan Bay.. but I am not involved with that file. 

Sept 8 2023 Update
One year ago yesterday North Kawartha Council voted 3-2 -see vote ( click here) to allow a new cell tower to be installed at the four corners at main entrance to our cottage development area immediately adjacent to and negativelly affecting existing cottages Mayor Amyotte and Deputy Mayor Whelan fully supported the proposal. A large number or neighbor objected. With little effort ...I was able to have considered an alternative property but no further public info has been available.
I understand the  4 corners muncipally proposed site is no longer a consideration....not because of the Township withdrawing  support but rather a far more sensible location  was generously offered for consideraion by a private land owner.
For about 6 months I have been informally aware of the proposed new tower location .. but have been reluctant to make this public... as it is really not my role to be making such announcements... and in fact I do not have formal confirmation of the location but feel cottage owners particularly in south Sharpes Bay AREA deserve to be aware of the situation.
On July 18 2023 in order to clarify information... I contacted the Chief Executive Officer of Eastern Ontario Regional Network(EORN)  .. the lead agency in this new tower multi million dollar program ( click here) He responded July 25 ( click here) stating he was "not able to  share [location]  map with me till the site has gone through the local municipal process..but should be able to address most of my other concerns....more to come shortly"   
Despite follow up request August 2013 I have not received any information.
But ...I have  a high confidence level in my understanding of where the  new tower location will be constructed --which I hope you all agree is a major improvement from the  4 corners municipally  owned site ..   and without any further hesitation... I will predict new location  is per this map ( Click here) and later today I will go to that location on The Jack Lake Road --North side-- an place green ribbons at the site  despite not being able to get any confirmation from  EORN..
If in future...when  I do get answers to the 8 questions I asked EORON I will update this page....AMBROSE.