Naples Florida - Villas of Park Shore (VOPS)

2023 April 6    Why I, Ambrose Moran  chose  Naples Villas of Park Shore  (click here

2023 April 6   Proposal by Villas of Park Shore Board to change existing brown pallet paint scheme to strak White ( click here for demo Property

2023 April 6  Middle road option proposal By Ambrose ( click here) Map to Viilas of Pelican Bay ( click here) Highly recommend VOPS owner ...if In Naples to drive over and look at this paint scheme  - We can even do better with community consultation - I can send additional photos on request 

2023 April 6  Villas Home Owner Association announces proposal for changing existing brown pallet colour to all stark white ( click here) for letter with notaions in red by Ambrose 

2023 April  6  Article "WE WILL REGRET PAINTING OUR HOUSE WHITE" ( CLICK HERE) almost al comments oppose white in favour of warmer tones

2023 April 6  Another consideration to only one color White  Downspouts ( click here) (click here

2023 April 6   Naples Modern House with White/Grey Pallet ( click here)    some think we can paint our villas white and be modern -Yes there is a design trend to contemporary houses which are currently TRENDY but they have the opportunity to start with a clean slate without existing colour contraints - Yes  There is an opportunity to freshen up our villas  look but we need to be symapthetic to existing contrainst of BROWN roofs-Brown Pavers BROWNISH  Brick -BROWN lamp post amd mail boxes - just painting all the wood and trim and doors monochrome white will not make our Villas modern and  will clash with existing brown pallet.Our Villas are examples of excellent design  and excellent design stands the test of time. 

2023 April 6 What would famous American Architect Frank Lyoyd Wright do ?? ( Click here)

2023 April  7    Selecting a monotone stark white scheme would result in steel gate being painted white ( click here) white gates will excentuate  teh rust conditions as oposed to teh bronish gates . anotyer case for including provision for  a darker brownish trim 

2023 April 7   At some point Signage needs to be addressed to be compatible with whatever new paint scheme  is selected (Click for options) ( Click for more options)

2023 April 14 
Presention by Ambrose to VOPS  Board mtg- here are my speaking notes ( click here